Our mission here at DiscoverMe is all about the small business person.  The little guy, the underdog.

“Introduce Your Business To The World.”

Do you believe nearly 40% of all small businesses in America DO NOT have a website?  Countless more have websites they did their best with, but are simply not up to modern standards.  That’s very quickly more than half of all small businesses who can’t afford a professional website.
That’s unacceptable!

DiscoverMe is here to open up a whole new world of access, opportunity, and hope for small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and entire communities across America, both urban and rural, who would not otherwise have access to this level of professional web design service.  Everyone should have access to the essential tools it takes to get seen in today’s busy landscape.

Most of us who imagine taking the leap start out with little more than an idea & a dream, without a big budget, or all the technical expertise.
But, we do know that we need a website, like having to get listed in the Yellow Pages a generation ago.  A website is a business’ 21st century digital storefront, connecting customers all over your community, the country, and potentially around the world to your products & services, your brand, and you.

Our Team

Jorge Castro

Managing Partner

Kasem Omary

Technology Director

Paige Rogers

Team Captain