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We can create a professional website, w/custom SEO built-in, tailored to your specific business needs.

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We are a software company.

Our technical expertise is far beyond what other digital marketing firms offer.


Maintenance, monitoring, security, and hosting.

Our techs will keep your site going.

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About us

Unmatched Technical Expertise.

Unrivaled Personal Service.

Unheard of Affordability & Value.

DiscoverMe was founded in 2019 by Jorge R. Castro and Kasem Omary with a simple goal in mind:

To provide professional
web design & marketing services for small businesses and start-ups who could not otherwise afford to pay the prices that traditional digital marketers were demanding.

A few things we’re great at

As a software development team, we can offer you a lot that a web marketing or design firm can not offer you. Here’s a few things that we can do that sets us apart:

Technological Excellence

Our software engineers and design team are a software development team. We’re a few steps above traditional web designers.

Here for you

You don’t need to babysit your website. With our service plans – we will take care of things for you, make routine updates, and even do custom work when you need it.

Your image done right

Don’t have perfect imagery? No problem. We’re your partner in digital marketing. Our designers will make your site look great.

We will grow with you

As your needs grow, our service can be tailored to meet your needs. Whether you need more capacity or new features – we have you covered.

Competitive Advantage

Our competition can’t match us. We have the expertise that you need at a value that can’t be beat. We can take your online operations to the next level.

The right solution for you

The right solutions for you

Your first impression to customers is key.

Why do you need a
great website?

Today’s marketplace has completely changed.

The way we did business 10 years ago isn’t the way commerce operates today. 

Websites and online purchasing are complex, and you need a partner who knows how to get the job done.

First Impressions

Your business’ website is the image a customer has of you online.

A great website says “we have great service and products.”

Reach Customers

Your website reaches customers 24/7 – whether they are local, or half way around the world.

Modern Marketing

Phonebooks, newspaper, TV – are all virtually obsolete.

The world has changed. Online marketing is modern marketing.

Improved Service

Your business’ hours, menu of offerings, location, phone number- all on your website.

Your customers get instant answers to many of their questions.

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Our Team

Meet our key contributors

Jorge Castro

Managing Partner

Kasem Omary

Technology Director

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